Bishopric Electoral Board

Under the Bishopric Election Act 2013, an Electoral Board is responsible for the appointment of the Bishop of the Diocese of Bendigo.

With Bishop Andrew Curnow announcing his resignation, the Electoral Board has been convened to begin the process of appointing the next Bishop of Bendigo.


Clerical Dale Barclay
Clerical Heather Blackman
Clerical Greg Harris
Clerical Michael Hopkins
Clerical Ian Howarth
Clerical Simon Robinson
Lay Derek Shepherd
Lay  Julia Nutting
Lay Jenny Rainsford
Lay Jenny Dawson (Chair)
Lay Ian Dallas
Lay David Bruce


Prayers for the election process, and for members of the Board, are available for use throughout the diocese.

The Board will keep members of the diocese informed of their progress. Read the latest updates from the Bishopric Electoral Board below.

Open Consultation
The Electoral Board will be holding an open consultation on Saturday 27 May from 1.45 pm at St Mary’s Anglican Church, Kangaroo Flat. All parishioners and members across the diocese are welcome to attend.