The Diocese continues to strengthen its mission and ministry across central and
north western Victoria

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Contact Details

The Diocese of Bendigo expects the highest standards of professional service from its Clergy and Lay Ministers.

If you have a complaint
Please call (Free)1800 135 246

A phone call to the above number will mean that your complaint will be handled by the Director of Professional Standards.

The Diocese is a full participant in the Victorian Anglican Provincial Abuse and Harassment Proticol.

This is an independent, objective procedure adopted by the Diocese of Bendigo.

Please contact the Registry (Central Administration) of the Diocese:

4 Myers Street
PO Box 2

Phone: 5443 4711
Fax: 5441 2173

For personal email address please go to the Registry page .

DDF - Diocesan Development Find

DDF - Diocesan Development Fund

Please contact the Registry for information on the Diocesan Development Find

Interes rates, terms etc.


St Lukes

Church Army Australia

Anglican Outback Fund

The Centre for Public Christianity