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Diocesan Documents - for Parishes, Clergy & Staff.

For Everyone

Being Together is a document that establishes clear standards that should be expected of all who are a part of a Christian community. This simple and clear document has been produced by the General Synod Professional Standards Taskforce and is to be used across all parishes and congregations in the Anglican Church of Australia. Printed copies are available through our Diocesan registry.

Parish Administration

Parish Administration Act 2010 (Amended 2016) This Act details the role of the Parish Council in governing a parish including its duties, responsibilities and membership.

Parish Administration Handbook This Policy Handbook has been produced to assist Churchwardens, Clergy and Parish Council members with key areas covered by The Parish Administration Act 2010.

The Joys and Responsibilities of being a Christian in a Parish (Code of Practice for Congregations). This document explores some of the practices which will encourage our growth in faith, as well as ways by which we might deal with the challenges of being part of a Christian community.

Annual Parish Meeting

Documents for 2017 comming soon

Parish Contact Details

Documents for 2017 comming soon

For Staff & Clergy

Leave Form for all types of leave.

Service Relief Request for parish clergy, to request service relief while away from the parish.

Claim for service relief payment for clergy who provide service relief.

Remittance Advice.

Payrole Documents

Payroll - Personal details contact details and Emergency contact details. Consent for contact details to be published.

Payroll - Banking details for payments

Clergy - Designated day off used for leave processing.

Things you need to know

Payroll - Processing Dates - 2014

Payroll - Hours of Work

Payroll - Timesheet

Payroll - Submitting instructions information flowchart

Payroll - Deductions(after tax)

Payroll - Deductions(before tax)

Payroll - Tax variation)