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Parishes of the Diocese - Heathcote

Contact Details

Phone (mob):
Postal Address: PO Box 453,
Heathcote, Vic. 3523
Secretary: Susan Turner
Phone (mob): 0448 551 484
Phone (w):(03) 5433 2552

Church Addresses

St John's: 165 High Street, Heathcote, Vic. 3523
St Paul's: Axedale

• St John's Heathcote,
• St Paul's Axedale.

At Heathcote and Axedale we aim to be a welcoming and caring fellowship connecting with the community by presenting the gospel as relevant to people in their daily life - work, family, home, leisure - and supporting them to live out the gospel where God has planted them.

Our mission is to be the Fragrance of Jesus to all people so that they will come to know the fullness of God's grace in their own lives; to serve Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and to proclaim him to others.

St Paul's Axdale

Worship Times:

St John's Heathcote:

Sunday 10am Eucharist

Thursday 10:30am Morning Prayer

Study Group each Wednesday 7pm various home groups please ring for venue. Everyone is welcome.

St. John's Church Acknowledges and Serves the Crucified, Risen and Ascended Jesus Christ as its Head and Proclaims that HE alone is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. Call in and see the beautiful stained glass windows and read the history of our Church and town of Heathcote.

Special Activities and Celebrations

Op-Shop: Buddies Op Shop open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.30am - 2pm Good assortment of pre-loved clothes, bric-a-brac, furniture, books etc.

Regular worship service are held at the McIvor Community Heath Centre, with Holy Communion on the 1st Tuesday of the month. If you have family or friends in the acute, hostel or nursing home at Heathcote and they would like pastoral and spiritual care please let us know.

Weekly Prayer, Fellowship and Study Groups - Heathcote:

Tuesday 6.30 pm - bring and share tea followed by Q & A session - opportunity to bring along those "Big Questions". 8 Shakespere St, 0402 130 718
Wednesday 10:00 am - Parish Prayer meeting - usually held in parishioners home - call Ian for details.
Thursday 9.30 am - Study group and prayer ministry - 133 High St, 5433 3774

We warmly welcome visitors and new members at all our services and meetings.

An important part of our ministry to the community is through housing vital resources and services for the community.

The old rectory has been renamed 'Johnnie's House of Welcome and Care' and as well as being the parish centre is the home of the Heathcote Conference of the St Vincent DePaul Society. We regard this partnership as a great honour and a wonderful way to serve the community and share the great love of God for his people Counselling is also available from Johnnie's House.

The parish has been supported by BCA (Bush Church Aid Society) for the past 4 years. This partnership has greatly blessed the parish and has provided opportunities for us to financially, prayfully, physically and socially support those within our own community as well as beyond.

History of St John's

Said to be one of the earliest church on the Heathcote goldfield, ministering to the early settlers and the only church still on its orginal site today.

A stone church, named Christ Church, was erectred on the site in 1854.

In 1894 this building was renamed Budd Hall in honour of Rev.Budd.

The old Christ Church was replaced in 1868 with the building of a new church to a design by Vahland and Getzchmann.

St Johns

St John's

Built: 1868.
Opened: 1869
Consecrated: 1889.

St John's is built in the Gothic style in face and stucco. The most notable feature of Vahland's design is the square bellcote that corbels out over the apex of the gable.

The entrance of St John's is on the main axis of the church and the door is recessed into a stuccoed porch with gable and pinnacles.

The sanctuary is designed as a small gable roofed section and has a tripartite window.

St John's contains a number of intricately designed memorial windows in stained glass.

The ceiling is of polished timber lining boards throughout.

Of particular note is the original floor tiles in red and cream laid in a diagonal pattern with rectangular border tiles.

St John's was designed by architects Vahland & Getzschmann and constructed by local builders Flea and Bell. It was opened on October 3rd 1869 and consecrated on 14th August 1889.

The tracery and the unusual corbelled-out bellcote is typical of Vahland's best work.

Today we seek to continue that service to the community by offering opportunity for worship, prayer, bible studies and other small group activities. We also support the community through such services as: marriage preparation, education and celebrations; grief & loss support and counselling; baptism, dedication / naming ceremony and children's ministry.

St Paul's Axedale.