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Parishes of the Diocese - KyabramSt Andrew's.

Contact Details

Clergy: Rev'd David Willsher
Postal Address: 33 Church St,
Kyabram, VIC, 3620
Phone (w): (03) 5852 1039
Mob: 0428 521 031

Church Addresses

33 Church St, Kyabram, Vic, 3620


9.00am Prayer Book Service with Holy Communion,
11.00am Contemporary Service in the Hall.

Our 9am Service is held in our beautifully restored Parish Church. This service makes use of a wide range of services listed in the current prayer book, our music includes traditional hymns and contemporary songs lead by organ or piano. We share Holy Communion most weeks. There is also considerable lay participation in this service; Services Leaders and Readers etc. We have replaced the old church pews with comfortable chairs, allowing for greater flexibility. We have a regular attendance of 40+ people.

Our 11am service is held in our renovated church hall. This service is a more relaxed service, multi-generational, particularly appealing to younger families we are often seated around tables in a more Cafe Style. The service uses a lot of lay leadership, and utilizes mainly recorded Music. All of the service is projected onto a screen, to make it easier for everyone to be involved in the service. We share in Communion twice monthly and have an attendance of 20+ people.

Each Sunday we have Morning Tea in between our services and this is a great time to get to know people, we would be delighted if you joined us at which ever service suited you best.

Home Communion is offered monthly to those unable to come to Church due to illness. This is usually on the first Sunday of the month. Members of our Church take a short service where the Communion elements consecrated at our 9am service are distributed to these members of our Church. This is a ministry that is greatly appreciated and keeps people connected with our Church.

Each week we also have people from St Andrew's visit the hospital in Kyabram to care for any connected to the Church who may be in Hospital.

Other groups/activities

St Andrew's Community Meal Our St Andrew's Community Meal serves a home cooked meal to up to 60 people each Monday night (During School Terms). We start with Tea and Coffee from 5:30 in the Church Hall, with the meal at 6pm, starting with a brief message and a prayer. We welcome all people to join us in the meal, especially those in financial hardship or who would benefit from a social time with others.

Our Community Meal is well known in the local community and received the Australia Day Community Group Award in 2014. The Community Meal has been serving the community for ten years. We would be pleased to have people join us cooks, kitchen assistants, helpers, serving meals dishwashing and cleaning and vacuuming after the meal. This is a team effort and most people contribute on a monthly basis via a roster.

Missions group We have a small but busy missions group, we raise money for missions and have run parish stalls and lunch and movie days for the wider community. The missions group keeps God’s wider work before the parish and helps us to distribute our missions giving effectively. We support missions in Japan via CMS, ministry in remote and disadvantaged areas of Australia through various Anglican agencies. Locally we support our local school chaplaincy and the Teen Challenge rehabilitations ministry. The Parish regularly contributes approximately $10,000 yearly towards missions.

Prayer Groups We have two weekly prayer meetings in the Parish. We have a Prayer meeting on Monday mornings in the Hall at 9am; this has been going for over 20 years. We also meet for prayer Wednesday mornings at 9am in the Church. The Wednesday group has been learning together about healing ministry, and provides a place for people with the spiritual gift of tongues to minister within the parish.

People with specific prayer needs are welcome at either group to be ministered too. You are most welcome to join either of these groups to pray regularly with others.

Bible Studies We have several weekly bible studies at the Church or in homes. Many run for seven week blocks looking at books of the bible or topics. We have run courses in Spirituality, Spiritual Gifts and the Fruit of the Spirit using Natural Church Development material. Courses can be run again depending on demand.

Soul Mates Soul Mates has been ministering to ladies living alone in Kyabram for 5 years with quarterly meeting enjoyed by all.

Mothers Union and Caritas Have been serving mothers and families for many years with regular meetings and fellowship. Mothers Union locally supports new mums with "Baby Bundles" of supplies to those born in Kyabram. Mothers Union also knits rugs for the needy, these are especially appreciated by the Students at Teen Challenge. Mothers Union also supports other mother union projects around the world.


Prior to the year 1873 Kyabram formed part of the Wyuna estate owned by the late Sir James McBain and was used by him as a sheep run. In that year the land was thrown open for selection and the earliest selectors moved in to become the founders of the district, some among them being Anglicans.

The first Anglican services were held in the district between 1876 and 1880. The first church building in the district was at Henley. With the coming of the railway and the development of Kyabram as the main centre services were held in Kyabram and the small brick church at Henley became redundant. On December 1st 1892, the Bishop of Melbourne, Bishop Field Flowers Goe, laid the foundation stone at St Andrews Kyabram and the first services was held on March 12th 1893. Three services were held that day, including a baptism and an attendance of 600 people registered. At the end of that year fifty services had been held with an average of 67 persons per service. In 1904 the rectory was built beside the church. In 1931 St. Andrew's became the parish of Kyabram able to manage its own affairs. St. Andrews has had a rich history including 29 incumbents. The early ministers who travelled on horse back or by jinker over rough unmade roads, and the lay people were all busy people but it was their faith and love of God that laid the basis on which St. Andrews grew.

There has been a wide range of activities held in the church and its building in the 116 year history from school, kindergarten, tennis club, Caritas, Mothers Union, choir, debutante balls to name but a few.