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Parishes of the Diocese - Pyramid Hill / Boort

Contact Details

Clergy: Revd Pam Lawry
Phone (mob): 0428 368 338

Church Addresses

St Andrew's   Lakeside Drive Boort
St ThomasDurham ox Road Pyramid Hill
St John'sLoddon Valley Hwy Bears Lagoon

• St Andrew's Boort,
• St Thomas' Pyramid Hill,
• St John's Bears Lagoon.

A Brief History of the Pyramid Hill/Boort Parish

Since its beginning in 1885 the Parish of Pyramid Hill/Boort has undergone many changes. In the days of horse and gig travel the Parish of Pyramid Hill consisted of Macorna in the north and Serpentine in the south of Pyramid Hill, with Bears Lagoon, Calivil and Pyramid Hill, where the rectory was located. Over the years Macorna closed down, then with the re-arrangement of parishes Serpentine was included in the Inglewood Parish.

In 1976 the dioceses of St Arnaud and Bendigo were amalgamated. Boort was included in the Pyramid Hill Parish when then became known as the Parish of Pyramid Hill/Boort.

More recently, after celebrating their 75th anniversary, Calivil church closed and the parishioners joined Bears Lagoon. For several years now our ministry has been capably serviced by a part-stipendiary priest (50%) who resides in Boort. The Pyramid Hill rectory has been sold.

Service Times:

Sunday in monthSt Andrew's BoortSt Thomas' Pyramid HillSt John's Bears Lagoon
First9.00am Morning PrayerNo service 10.00am Eucharist
Second11.00am Eucharist9.00am Eucharist No service
ThirdNo service9.00am Morning Prayer* 10.00am Eucharist
Fourth9.00am Eucharist11.00am EucharistNo service
Fifth Please phone the Parish for details

*Anglican and UCA congregations join together for worship on 3rd Sunday at alternating venues

Churches Within The Parish:

St Andrew's Lakeside Drive BoortSecretary Mrs Betty Barnes
St ThomasDurham ox Road Pyramid HillSecretary Mr Allan Mann
St John'sLoddon Valley Hwy Bears LagoonSecretary Mrs Coral Maxted