Winn Family Support Fund - donation information

As you know the Reverend Stuart Winn died and went to be with the Lord on Tuesday, 29 May 2018.

Stuart arrived in the Diocese of Bendigo with Alison and his growing family in 2013. He has been a greatly loved pastor and friend. With Alison, Stuart has been eagerly awaiting their fourth child who will join Elijah, Hugh and Jonathan. Many have enquired as to how they may best assist Alison and the children as they grieve Stuart and navigate the coming months. One clear way to provide tangible, material support to Alison is via a monetary gift to assist with the daily costs and extraordinary expenses.

Your generous gift to assist the Winn family is invited through NHWS. It is a tax deductible charity operated by the Diocese and is able to accept donations requiring this status. NWHS is also a fully audited entity and monies donated for the purpose of assisting the Winn family are expended according to this purpose.

Donations to the Winn family will be disbursed to them without delay.

Download the donation form:
Winn Family Support – Donation